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Training the mindSET: Training course 23 March+TBD 2021

Module: Publication and Promotion: Pitching your Research to Key Audiences

Trainers: Hana Gustafsson, N. N.

This 0,5 ECTS course has two main ambitions: To provide introduction to the communication of research to different audiences, and to help you prepare a pitch of your own research.

The course builds on research and practice within Science Communication, but has an innovative theoretical perspective based in Cognitive Linguistics. The teaching is centered around the communication of each student’s research in the form of a short pitch.

To succeed with this course, it is very important that you have something specific you want to communicate. In other words, it is very important that you have some research already completed. If you are still at the research design stage, this course is not suitable for you at this point.

Course days

Tuesday 23 March 2021 and TBD, two full days (9am-4pm)



The course aims for the following learning outcomes:

  • Ability to present a core research message in a convincing manner within a very short time, both within a discipline and to the general public
  • Knowledge of principles and tools for the communication of core research messages 



  • Strategic planning of successful pitches: Topic/core message, target group(s)
  • Connecting with the audience
  • Core message: Structure, content, and reasoning
  • Design and rhetorical elements


    • Student-centered teaching techniques
    • Instructor presentations / mini-lectures (input)
    • Individual and group exercises (discussions and role-plays)
    • Student presentations and pitches (90 seconds)
    • Peer- and instructor feedback



    Each participant will deliver a first and a final version of an own pitch for a selected and clearly defined audience, together with a short analysis of the audience and purpose. The final version will be the result of the knowledge and skills gained during the course, as well as peer- and instructor feedback. 


    Required course reading

    Dahlstrom, M. F. (2014). Using narratives and storytelling to communicate science with nonexpert audiences. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences111

    Nan, X., Dahlstrom, M. F., Richards, A., & Rangarajan, S. (2015). Influence of evidence type and narrative type on HPV risk perception and intention to obtain the HPV vaccine. Health Communication30(3), 301-308.

    Taylor, C., Dewsbury, B. M. (2018). On the problem and promise of metaphor use in science and science communication. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, 19:1.


    Apply here  (Scroll down to Registration)

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