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Module Leadership & Management II


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Training the mindSET: Training course 21-22 January 2021

Module: Leadership & Management

21-22 January 2021
Tommaso Buganza, Renate Lohmann

Make yourself familiar with different concepts of leadership and their respective effects and find out how you can apply these methods yourself.

I – Thursday, January 21st, 9:30-12:45
Trainer: Tommaso Buganza
Co-Trainer: Renate Lohmann

The first part will deal with the different phases of the Leadership theories across time. Leadership is a complex topic investigated from many different perspectives. In the beginning, leadership or charisma were thought to be due to genetically inherited characteristics both in terms of physical traits or personality. Then Researchers understood the pivotal role of behaviors in determining the leadership performance of the individuals. Also, the importance of the followers will be analyzed until those theories which make all the leadership topic only dependent on the followers, and not the leaders.

II – Thursday, January 21st, 14:00-17:15
Trainer: Tommaso Buganza
Co-Trainer: Renate Lohmann

The second part will focus specifically on one leadership model based on leadership as a process. We will introduce, analyze, and discuss the Transactional vs. Transformational leadership model by comparing both their attended results and their limits. Students will also be asked to self-evaluate themselves against the model.

III – Friday, January 22nd, 9:30-11:00
Trainer: Tommaso Buganza
Co-Trainer: Renate Lohmann

Teamwork will be the core of the third module and, more specifically, the importance of TRUST in the teamwork activities. Using the Johari window model, we’ll see the mechanism to create and maintain the trust levels as well as the importance of trust across the phases of a team lifecycle.

IV – Friday, January 22nd, 11:15-12:45
Trainer: Tommaso Buganza
Co-Trainer: Renate Lohmann

Finally, the last part will be focused on a specific tool for trust-building: the feedback. This topic will be seen with the particular perspective of the behavioral feedback analyzing both the techniques and the real impacts of their application.


We recommend to combine this module with the module Research Ethics and Good Scientific Practice, 18-20 January 2021


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