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Training the mindSET: Training course 22-23 April 2021

Module: Entrepreneurship

Trainers: Susanne Perner, Eirik Gjelsvik Medbø, Øystein Widding


As a PhD-student, you are expected to develop new knowledge, expand the research frontier, and suggest theoretical and practical implications based on your understanding as an expert in your field. Your research is of course a personal intellectual journey, but it should also be a contribution to developing society for the better.

After your PhD, you will face a range of choices of how to leverage your research findings beyond publishing them: there are many ways, such as doing more academic research (for example as post-doctoral researcher), applying your expertise in an existing company, and/or setting up a new venture.


In this module, we will focus on research-based entrepreneurship. This includes what challenges founders are facing, the academic cornerstones of entrepreneurship, and the skills and tools needed to implement an innovation in society.

You will learn together with faculty and experts from TUB Centre for Entrepreneurship, NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and Engage Centre of Excellence in Education through Entrepreneurship.


There will be two final deliverables for the course: (1) a pitch presentation and (2) a short, written learning reflection on the question of what the participants individually see as their 3-5 key success factors when evaluating an initial business idea (min. 500 words, max. 600 words).


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