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English Academic Writing

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Research Management | Basics 

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Conducting scientific research and writing about it are two strands of the same job, and while the research can usually be done in your native language, the writing often can’t. English has become the scientific language of the 21st century. Non-native speakers are not only challenged by grammar, vocabulary and punctuation; to get their results published, they also have to satisfy the peer-reviewers’ and readers’ expectations.


Participants will learn what is required in an English language academic text. They will be enabled to move a step forward in producing well-written research and getting it published. After the course, they will be more confident in their ability to write readable scientific English, know how to avoid common mistakes and what support is available and have a more detailed understanding of the writing and publishing process.


    Session 1

    • Introductions and understanding what makes good academic writing
    • Cultural differences in writing and the structure and organisation of an English academic paper
    • Paragraphs and creating cohesion
    • Writing sentences
    • Online resources

    Session 2

    • Punctuation
    • Introducing a narrative into your text
    • Focus on the introduction
    • Writing abstracts, concise writing, and editing your text
    • Creating a model from a sample paper

    Please note: Although any questions brought up during the workshop will be answered, the course does not cover basic English grammar in detail.


    The course will be a combination of online teaching and individual feedback using email. It consists of two, 3-hour interactive, online teaching sessions in groups of seven participants. Following the course, participants will have the opportunity to work in their own time and send a sample of their writing to the trainer for correction and feedback. Course language: English (B2 level minimum).


    The course is targeted at those who want to improve their English academic writing. It will be of benefit to all PhD students, most particularly to those currently working on a text for publication.

    Course information
    Course number
    FM I-4
    First group:
    Mon, 15.06.2020, 9:00am-12:00
    Tue, 16.06.2020, 9:00am-12:00

    Second group:
    Mon, 15.06.2020, 2:00pm-5:00pm
    Tue, 16.06.2020, 2:00pm-5:00pm
    6 hours, 8 units à 45 min
    Webinar via Zoom
    Lesley-Anne Weiling
    Course language
    For employees and assistant lectures and registered doctoral candidates at TU Berlin, the course is free of charge. For non-employees, please contact  for information on fees.
    Participants have a knowledge of English at B2 level minimum. They are expected to contribute to the discussion and to bring to the workshop a draft of an English text about their research.
    Assuming successful participation, you receive a certificate of attendance.
    Applicable for certificate Research Management.

    For registration, please fill in the provided form. In case of any content questions regarding the course, please contact .

    In case of any organizational questions please contact .

    Registration English Academic Writing

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