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From a white page to a first text version in only one day - Writing in flow

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Work and management techniques | Scientific work

Starting point

Imagine yourself in front of a blank page that needs to be filled. You don‘t know where to start? Or you start here and there, but you are not quite sure how to put these parts together?

We show you a strategy with which you compose an entire text in only one day. You start by zero and pursue the project until you have produced a first satisfying text version. Sounds unrealistic? But that’s what we aspire to achieve.


You are familiar with an effective writing method to produce a first text version within one day.


During our writing day, we will dive deep into methods of non-linear raw texting.


    Alternating impulse lectures and flow writing sessions on your raw version of a text, practicing non-linear raw texting sessions and feedback in tandems.
    Max. number of participants: 12. Course language: English.


    We invite you to challenge yourself, e.g. by selecting a project you have procrastinated for some time. This may be: the chapter of a book, a research exposé, journal article, lecture or application. Student workers are welcome, subject to availability.

    Fri, 29.11.2019, 9:00am-5:30pm
    1 day, 10 working units à 45 min
    ZEWK, Fraunhoferstr. 33-36, R: FH 1004
    Ingrid Scherübl
    Course language
    For employees and assistant lectures and registered doctoral candidates at TU Berlin, the course is free of charge. For non-employees, please contact  for information on fees.
    Assuming successful participation, you receive a certificate of attendance.

    For registration, please fill in the provided form. In case of any questions regarding the course, please contact .

    In case of any organizational questions please contact .

    From a white page to a first text version in only one day - Writing in flow

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