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The four thematic areas of the principles of the European Charter for Researchers

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

As one of the first technical universities in Germany, TU Berlin is implementing the European initiative "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers" (HRS4R) and is committed to the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter & Code).

With this initiative, the TU Berlin aims to ensure that the requirements of the European Commission, adopted in 2005, are met, thereby not only attracting the best researchers within and outside the European Research Area. Researchers and scholars at all career levels should be able to find the best possible conditions in order to be able to pursue outstanding further education and excellent research and teaching in accordance with their respective career level.

The TU Berlin is currently at the end of the first phase with its application for the "HR Excellence in Research" seal:


1. The Four Thematic Fields of Charta & Code

The 40 principles of the European Charter and the Code of Conduct are assigned to four thematic areas:

  1. Ethical & Professional Aspects (e.g. ethical principles, accountability, contractual and legal obligations, commitment to society, dissemination and exploitation of results, appraisal systems).
  2. Recruitment Procedures (e.g. selection, transparency, recognition of mobility)
  3. Working Conditions and Social Security (e.g. stability and permanence of employment, funding and salaries, gender balance, work-life balance)
  4. Career Development and Training (e.g. supervision, further training)

2. The Process

With the Endorsement Letter, Technische Universität Berlin committed to the principles and requirements of the European Commission in November 2021. The requirement to involve a wide range of stakeholders involved in staff recruitment and development was met through the formation of a Steering Committee to oversee and advise the process. The different development stages of the researchers (R1-R4) were taken into account through meetings with representatives of these career stages. In addition, problem areas, deficits and the need for action were identified, discussed and documented as a GAP Analysis by four working groups corresponding to the thematic fields of HRS4R.

3. OTM-R


In a second step, the GAP Analysis was supplemented by the OTM-R Checklist from HRS4R. In this checklist, all processes related to personnel recruitment/development (R) are checked for openness (O), transparency (T) and merit (M) on the basis of 23 aspects.

4. Action Plan

As a result of the reflection on the OTM-R Checklist and the derivation from the gaps identified by means of the GAP Analysis, an Action Plan was drawn up. This Action Plan is decisive for the implementation phase of HRS4R.

5. To learn more about HRS4R

All subsequent HRS4R project steps can be found here:

Procedure Chart (Euraxess): euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/hrs4r

Further information:

6. News about the project

November 2022 – Application for the "HR Excellence in Research" seal

After the Steering Committee, the Executive Board and the Structural Commission have officially approved the application for the seal, the Academic Senate has also approved the application for the seal. On 10.11.2022, the contents of the previously created templates (Process, Gap Analysis, OTM-R Checklist, Action Plan) will be uploaded to the European Commission's e-tool. News on the review process will be available here.

September 2022 - Staff Week

In the framework of ENHANCE, the project with its focus on a holistic empirical-analytical view was presented at the Staff Week on Human Resource Development from 27.09.-29.09. at Technical University of Berlin. The international exchange was very helpful and stimulating.

Staff Week URL: https://www.tu.berlin/international/strategie/partnerschaften/netzwerke/enhance/one-campus/staffweektub

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