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Citizens create climate knowledge


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Citizens create climate knowledge


"Citizens create climate knowledge" ("Bürger schaffen Klimawissen") is a project at the Chair of Climatology, which is supported by kubus - the science shop of the TU Berlin.


Thematic approaches: sustainable development, transformation, environment, social innovation

Spatial approaches: local, City of Berlin – transferable and adaptable on regional as well as on international level

Methodical approach/es: Citizen Science, cultural translation service, Service Learning, co-creation, dialogue: science - society

Urban transformation potential: Real labs as the democratization of science, infrastructure as a force for transformation, mastering the art of spinning a common thread, participation in urban society

How are urban climate hotspots identified? How does air humidity affect fine dust pollution? The quality of the answers to these questions is crucial for effective climate adaptation in Berlin. Which questions of everyday life occupy citizens inside the context of climate change? What should be scientifically examined from their perspective?

In last year's summer in Berlin, they noticed in their neighborhood in Pankow-Niederschönhausen that hot and hot can be very different. If they moved from the busy, tree-poor Blankenburger Strasse to the Castle Park on these very hot summer days, they noticed a gradual relaxation of the heat impression.

With scientific measurement methods, citizens want to check their subjective impression and the associated hypothesis that the planting - especially large trees in the Castle Park - are responsible for this and to build a close-knit network of simple measuring stations.

The modules of a Berlin that is worth living in are developed at eye level. The focus is on real experiences in everyday life, effectiveness and the ability to experience change. In the dialogue between society and science, concerns, worries and fears are accepted without reservation. This aspect is important: relevant urban climate data cannot be obtained without the co-creational transformative interaction of civil society and science.

Science alone cannot provide such a fine-meshed monitoring network. In the real-life laboratory “Citizens create climate knowledge”, scientists and students from the Climatology Research Group are on the move. The Chair is working on this project on various levels (student projects, acquisition of research funds).

Everyone who works in a laboratory knows that laboratory work not only requires scientific know-how but also manual skills. Each craft has its ground. At kubus craft grounds are the topics of water, social innovation and ReUse.



Example of co-creative research

Das Repair Café als Ort co-creationaler Klimaforschung



  • kubus supports the Chair of Climatology through intermediation of civil society stakeholder groups, craftsmanship expertise as well as design and implementation of citizen science formats
  • Repair Café & Pankow neigbourhood center, allotment colony „Schüßler“ are the citizens stakeholder groups
  • Geographical anchor point: Castle Park Niederschönhausen


In the Repair Café, citizens are experimenting with different types of simple measuring stations, while other types of devices are created in DIY. In the Castle Park, in the allotment and direct living environment they are hung, the measured data are put online open source.

Research results are controversially discussed in the civil dialogue. Is Climate Change actually real? What can we, the citizens, practically do in response to climatic changes in our neighborhood  – for a more pleasant urban climate in our neighborhood? This lived alliance of urban transformation connects civil society and TUB, it will also influence planning priorities.



Intermediary in co-creative research


As an intermediary, the kubus science shop supports co-creational participatory research and citizen science.




Reflexivity in co-creative research


Two levels of reflection in co-creative research




Further Examples of our work

Urban Agriculture Casablanca

Ferme Solidaire in Casablanca – sozialer Ort klimafreundlicher urbaner Landwirtschaft

A project with Prof. Undine Giseke and the Chair of Landschaftsarchitektur und Umweltplanung of the TUB (Landscape architecture and environmental planning)

  • Operational time: 2008 - 2013
  • Urban Agriculture as an Integrative Factor of Climate-Optimised Urban Development, Casablanca

The inter- and transdisciplinary project researched whether urban agricultural activities can contribute to sustainable urban development in an ecological and social sense. In this project, kubus worked on the social aspects and the integration of civil society.



Soko Klima

SOKO Klima - Kinder und Jugendliche planen Klimaschutz im Berliner Gropiusviertel

A project with Prof. Jörg Stollmann und the CHAIR FOR URBAN DESIGN AND URBANIZATION of the TUB.

  • Operational time: 2012 - 2014
  • Soko Klima - Stadt gestalten mit Plan

The aim of the project was to develop a suitcase of method material for the participation of children and adolescents in formal and informal climate-relevant planning processes at the municipal level. In the course of the implementation of 6 pilot projects, teaching and method material for the suitcase was developed, applied and evaluated.




If you have any further questions about our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find your contact person here.



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